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TST offers a full range of testing services to the land-based gaming industry, with the capacity and experience to perform end-to-end testing of all stand-alone and linked gaming systems.

Building on our bricks and mortar (i.e. traditional land-based) gaming roots, TST works with government regulatory bodies to develop and improve their technical standards to ensure they meet or exceed the best in the gaming industry.

Compliance Testing

Compliance testing ensures that electronic gaming devices and systems used in bricks and mortar gaming venues operate in a manner consistent with prevailing regulatory policies of the jurisdiction of each venue. TST's landbased compliance testing service offerings include (but are not limited to):

  • Hardware evaluations
  • Software evaluations
  • Random Number Generator (RNG) evaluations
  • Game and mathematics evaluations
  • Field data analysis
  • Communication evaluations
  • Central Monitoring System evaluations
  • Server based gaming system evaluations
  • Jackpot controllers

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) testing ensures that electronic gaming devices and systems function according to intended design specifications during the development phase. TST offers a full range of QA testing service offerings for all types of gaming systems and technologies.

Transfers of Approval

In instances where electronic gaming devices or systems have been previously evaluated by another recognized independent testing authority, TST is able to perform a Transfer of Approval (TOA) to assist in reducing the amount of re-testing required for new or update certifications.

We will perform a gap analysis and then only concentrate on any incremental testing required to verify compliance of the land-based component(s) with additional or newly applicable standards. We take into account and leverage prior internal and external testing of the iGaming component(s) to maximize testing costs your organization may have previously expended.

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